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Rich and fragrant to the end.

There's nothing like starting a new block of soap, even better when it's Bog Standard!!
Karen | 17 Feb 2015

I absolutely love the Bog Standard products!

I have a candle in every room of the house. I have found Bog Standard to be far superior over any other brand and I have tried many different brands!!! I am now looking to provide the small Bog Standard candles for my wedding favours - I want all my friends and family to share my excitement of these products!!
Kimberley | 2 Feb 2015

I loved this soap!

The scent was incredible and lasted all day. I would love to find more of your products here in the USA.
Willow | 13 Jan 2015

Thank you

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you beautiful your products and their packaging are. Everything is just lovely. I was awe inspired by the quality of the cartons you use to ship and how beautifully put together they were. It's easy to tell that your company puts quality first, in everything you do!
Susan | 6 Jan 2015

I always love opening my Bog Standard parcel!

That first hit of fragrance when you lift the lid, knowing you're going to love what's inside, but this time - wow!! Hidden among the usual generous packaging I found 3 gorgeous packages each contaning 2 candles wrapped in pink spotty cellophane, tied with pink raffia. To add to the enjoyment there was a present - a Hedgerow soap! Thank you!

Gillian | 19 Dec 2014

Just the job for 'Santa' presents

So delighted with my Bog Standard candles and scented sachets - just the job for 'Santa' presents. Lovely to have a little bit of Ireland to pack into our Chistmas stockings!!
Joye | 12 Dec 2014

I'm happy to give you this positive feedback!

Thank you for my candle which arrived this morning--very prompt! I just want you to know that there are three things I love about your candles.

1. The exquisite aroma.

2. The fact that the wick continues to burn all the way to the bottom--some candles stop burning without using all the wax

3. Most importantly, your candles don't give me a headache when I light them. I'm wondering does this have to do with the kind of oil you use. Some quite expensive candles that I've purchased give me a terrible headache within minutes of lighting them!

Candle lover Rosaline! | 18 Nov 2014

Bog Standard Abroad!

I visited Ireland for the first time back in September and I brought home the Irish Linen soaps for my friends and now we are hooked on your products :)
Nancy | 18 Nov 2014

Wonderful Service

A belated thank you for the excellent and prompt service I received the other week. The candles I ordered arrived in Mayo on time and my family were over-the-moon with them. Thanks again.
Annalisa | 1 Nov 2014

Great customer service

I wish people could be this way in America. I love Ireland, the people and this product! I will likely stay a customer forever!
Jodie | 24 Oct 2014


This is my husband's favourite - and he is generally not into scented soap or candles! You have brought out his feminine side - thank you Bog Standard!!
Joanne | 24 Oct 2014

Great Soap

I received a present of your Irish linen soap some time ago and I have been very impressed with it. I will be ordering more!!
David | 20 Oct 2014

Just to say I am loving your candles!

First saw them in early September in Magee's in Donegal Town whilst we were over in Donegal for a weekend. Bought a Paddy's Meadow and it was gorgeous such a lovely fragrance and lasted so long too! 

Placed an order with you not long after getting back home, Irish Sea candle and Molly's Garden - both beautiful. 

My most recent order has just arrived - another Paddy's Meadow (couldn't resist!) and Irish Clover Candle.  

Thank you for the scented freshener's you pop in to the orders - they are no nice.  

Will order more soon!

Donna | 18 Oct 2014


I love the scent of cinnamon all year round. These little fresheners are great and last for ages!!!
Laurie | 29 Sep 2014

Loving your hand cream

I just wanted to let you know that I love your Irish Linen hand cream. I first discovered it when we visited Ireland in 2010. We were staying in a little town at the beginning of the Ring of Kerry and I bought a bottle. Unfortunately, when we were going through security at the Dublin airport to return to the U.S. I realized I had packed the cream in my carry-on bag and it was confiscated. They allowed me to keep the box so I was able to order another bottle online and I will continue to do so for years to come.

I am a huge fan and appreciate how easy it is to order your products. Thanks again.

Janet | 12 Mar 2014


The best air freshener I’ve ever had! I got one in my Christmas stocking, ive just hung it up in my wardrobe, but my whole bedroom has a lovely gentle rose scent now!! So many air fresheners smell artificial - this one is delightful! I’m going to order 10 more - please don’t stop making them!
Emily | 4 Jun 2020


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