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I have been going a bit freshener-tastic at home and hanging these on door handles and in cupboards.
Shelley | 27 Jul 2015


Amazing scented sachets

I bought a few of these as gifts recently and have made some friends very happy!
Kath | 6 Jul 2015

Amazing scented sachets

Thank you - delighted I can buy online!

I recently holidayed in the north coast of Ireland and fell in love with the sights the sounds and the smells, so I was so thrilled to discover an Irish business that has bottled all these scents. I miss the fresh smell of the sea and this little candle brings it all flooding back.
Natasha | 30 Jun 2015

Thank you - delighted I can buy online!

Long lasting Fresheners

Really enjoying the smells of the outdoors inside the car, especially when I work in the city. Am working my way through all the scents and loving them all!
Catherine | 29 Jun 2015

Long lasting Fresheners

Great service!

You really surprised me with the big box of goodies coming so soon, great service!! I LOVE the sachets, come on room spray!!
Sue | 29 Jun 2015

Great service!


I just LOVE the hedgerow scent. It truly reminds me of summer days out strawberry picking then coming home and filling the kitchen with jam smells. Yummy!!
Karen | 18 Jun 2015

Good stuff!

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how beautiful your products and their packaging are. Everything is just lovely and it is easy to tell that your company puts quality first in everything you do
Susan | 10 Jun 2015

Sweet smelling Hand wash

Just bought one of these for my guest bathroom. Needless to say my guests love it :)
Sophie | 4 May 2015

Happy happy...

I recently received my above order and I lust let you know that your company is a pleasure to deal with. From the ordering to the receiving of my goods I was impressed with your website, communication, speed of delivery and packaging. I had full confidence in you. Not forgetting my gorgeous candles of course!!
Greta | 4 May 2015

Love it!

Thank you for your quick and thorough response. I live in Denver, Colorado. But I would be willing to travel all the way back to Ireland, just to buy your hand creams! In fact, I have already considered that next visit I will need to be bringing an empty suitcase. :)  Thank you for giving me the moments of being able to bring myself back to Ireland, every time I use your lip butter, or a little lotion, or light one of your awesome candles! I wish I would have bought a set of tea towels to use in my kitchen for napkins every evening! As you can see, I am already planning my shopping list!  Thanks again!

Cheryl | 27 Apr 2015

Fab candles

Your candle scents are so pure and make such lovely and appropriate gifts for home.
Judy | 21 Apr 2015

So fresh and clean smelling.

I love the Irish Sea scent but really love it as a soap.
Heather | 20 Apr 2015

Free Soap

Just received my deliciously smelling order and was delighted to discover a free bar of soap! I had never tried it before and am now hooked. Will be ordering lots more.
Sharon | 24 Mar 2015

So lovely and earthy!

I think Irish moss is my favourite scent. So lovely and earthy and true to its name. It's also one that my husband likes!!!!!!
Sarah | 22 Mar 2015


I cannot get enough of your Irish Linen. Even before the candle is lit, it fills my rooms with clean fresh scents. Gorgeous...
Jayne | 16 Mar 2015

Local and quality!

I just received an order I placed a few days ago for 4 candles and some other bits and bobs. Just wanted to say how lovely the package was and how much we love your brand, its great to see a local company making such gorgeous products. My mum and best friend are now hooked on your lovely candles. All the best in the future!
Jan | 11 Mar 2015

The best candles ever!

The best candles ever. Looking for a large one of the irish linen, can you ship to Ireland? I am candle mad and this is the best ever!
Lorraine | 18 Feb 2015

Rich and fragrant to the end.

There's nothing like starting a new block of soap, even better when it's Bog Standard!!
Karen | 17 Feb 2015

I absolutely love the Bog Standard products!

I have a candle in every room of the house. I have found Bog Standard to be far superior over any other brand and I have tried many different brands!!! I am now looking to provide the small Bog Standard candles for my wedding favours - I want all my friends and family to share my excitement of these products!!
Kimberley | 2 Feb 2015

I loved this soap!

The scent was incredible and lasted all day. I would love to find more of your products here in the USA.
Willow | 13 Jan 2015

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