Field Day It's my absolute pleasure to welcome you to our new name and branding - Field Day. I hope you enjoy looking through our updated site. You'll be glad to hear that our best selling fragrances haven't gone anywhere and you'll notice that the look and feel of the new range is very much the same. We have however introduced some lovely new products and changed a few of our existing products so I thought I'd run through everything here:
First up, we now have 4 core fragrances - Linen, Field, Sea and Wild Rose (previously Rose). All 4 of these fragrances have the entire range of products; large and small candles, soap, hand wash, hand cream, diffuser, scented sachet, fresheners and our newest product - drawer liners.
Our Linen and Wild Rose are exactly the same fragrance as always - you can't improve perfection! With Field, we've made the fragrance a little stronger and we've also added some fresher notes to our Sea range.Field Day
Within the core Field Day range, the soap, candles, hand care, sachets & fresheners are all as before but we've added drawer liners for the first time ever. Each drawer liner package contains 6 liners infused with fragrance which will last 4-6 weeks. They're folded and flat-packed so are perfect for travel or for posting to friends and family.Field Day
Also within the core range we are introducing a Sea Diffuser for the first time and the good news is that our diffuser design has been updated to make it much easier to open.Mother's Day Wild Rose
The bottle is made from thicker glass and is more squat and broad with a narrow opening. Additionally, we've replaced our wooden diffuser sticks with white fibre sticks which have a 40% greater fragrance throw.
As part of the rebrand, we are launching 5 new Field Day fragrances; Gorse, Tea, Fireside, Woodland & Garden, in large candle format only. You can see each of these and read about the fragrance notes if you click on the names.Irish Winter Christmas Candle
For all our Winter fans, the Field Day Winter fragrance will be available from August 2017 as a limited edition Christmas range with festive packaging.
Finally, our 6 candle tins remain unchanged - apart from the packaging, which has been freshened up so that the look and feel is in keeping with the rest of the range.Rosie Candle Tin
And that's it! We promise we won't be rebranding's not an easy process. But it was worth the effort as we are delighted with everything and know it will help bring Field Day to a wider audience around the world and allow us to grow further as a business. I hope you love it too.
If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team here on We'll be launching a lovely competition on Facebook in the next few days so keep an eye out for that!