Mindful of the shortage of hand sanitiser and given our passion for soap, we thought we would do some research on how effective alcohol-based hand gel is compared to soap & water. We were surprised with what we found on a quick google search so I thought it would be useful to share it on here.

Did you know....

 * A hand sanitiser may kill germs, but soap removes bacteria and viruses, as well as dirt and grease, from your hands.  Additionally, soap also doesn’t sting cuts or abrasions, something that can put children off using hand sanitiser.

* An alcohol-based hand gel can kill most germs on your hands, but there are certain microbes that it cannot effectively eliminate yet soap and water can.

* Hand sanitiser works best on clean hands - it is less effective when used on dirty or greasy hands. You ideally should be washing your hands before you use sanitiser.

When it comes to handwashing....

* Antibacterial soap is no more effective than normal soap and in fact some reports claim that it can have negative longer term effects as it kills heathy bacteria as well.

* Both bar soap and liquid soap are equally effective though liquid is recommended in a public/large group scenario.

* The temperature of the water is not significant so you don't need to scald your hands in the process. Lukewarm water works just as well - as does cold water...it's all about technique.

* Take your time and wash properly ensuring you sing happy birthday twice - use whatever name you please!

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