Saturday 27th April is Sense of Smell Day - There's a day for everything...!

Every day at Field Day is a Sense of Smell Day. Its the first thing that visitors say when they walk into our HQ - the smell is amazing! Scents are incredible for unlocking special memories and moments in time. We caught up with our Field Day founder Alix Mulholland to find out about the inspiration for her Field Day scents.

Alix, what does your sense of smell mean to you?

For me there is nothing like a fragrance to transport you to another moment in time or to a place. For me the smell of leather instantly reminds me of my Dad working in his shoe shop surrounded by boxes of Churchill and Barker shoes. The scent of freshly picked fragrant roses reminds me of Mum hard at work in her amazing back garden - for me these scents trigger comfort and security. Our sense of smell is more significant than we think, it is strongly linked to our sense of taste also. It's one I cant imagine living without and I suppose is taken for granted.

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Alix, what scents inspire you?

When I started Field Day (formerly Bog Standard) I set out to 'bottle' all that was lovely about the Irish Countryside. My 'lightbulb' moment came to me when I was at University in Glasgow. I was homesick and living in a city that left me yearning for the Co Down countryside back home. I have always taken inspiration the simple things; the grass in the fields, the wild roses growing, the fresh scent of the sea. I love celebrating these  scents that are the fabric and background to our everyday lives in Ireland.

Alix, What is your signature home scent? Or does it change with the seasons?

It totally depends on the weather and season! From November to January I constantly burn our Winter Candle - the blend of clove, cinnamon and hint of orange is so comforting and warming - I can't imagine Christmas time without it now!   For the season we are in I love the Gorse candle, the haze of yellow is everywhere we look at this time of year, in the hedgerows and in the fields. I also love burning our best selling Linen fragrance - a beautiful lavender based scent that has such a clean and calming scent.


Alix, you have named your Tin collection after people. What inspired you to do this?

Our Field Day tin candles in the tin collection are a nostalgic range of tins named after people and memories of my happy idyllic Irish childhood. I hope by creating the collection each one can start to evoke memories for our customers too. When I was creating these scents; the scents triggered all my memories of these special people, and I thought it would a lovely tribute to name them after them.

Buying a 'Baby Grace' candle for a new mum for example is a lovely way for her to go back in time to that newborn bubble in years to come. Maybe buy it for her on her son/daughter's birthday every year? The gorgeous iris, musk and vanilla notes conjure up the lovely comforting powdery baby smell.

The tins can also be used again. One mum wrote to tell us she used her used 'Baby Grace' tin to keep all daughter's  keepsakes - the hospital wristband, first lock of hair from her first haircut and first tooth. Encapsulating memories even after the candle burns out.

The Tin Collection

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Baby Grace Tin Candle

Baby Grace Tin Styled

Named after Alix's daughter, Grace, Baby Grace epitomises the joy and promise of a new life. A powdery floral fragrance with notes of iris and rose, enhanced with balsamic musk and sweet vanilla.

Emily's Parlour Tin Candle

Emily's Parlour Tin Styled

When she was small, Alix remembers Sunday Afternoon visits to her Great Aunt Emily near Cookstown, Co Tyrone. Emily lit the fire in her small parlour and served tea and thick slices of her home-made fruitcake to be enjoyed while chatting and telling stories.
Emily's Parlour is perfect to burn all year round but is particularly lovely in Autumn and Winter when the nights start drawing in. It has spicy cinnamon, juicy apple and orange with hints of ginger and nutmeg.


Kitty's Cottage Tin Candle

Kitty's Cottage

Alix had a neighbour growing up in rural Co. Antrim called Kitty who had a great long washing line on her lawn, and you always knew it was washing day when swathes of bright white bed linen and night gowns were strung out along the line, billowing and dancing all day in the breeze. A floral accord with citrus notes of lime and orange, with galbanum on a floral heart of jasmine, violet, lily and orange blossom. All on a base of soft woods, amber and musk.

Molly's Garden Tin Candle

Mollys Garden Styled

Molly's Garden is named after her husband's Granny Molly who had the most beautiful cottage garden in Lurgan, Co Armagh. It's a lush, green, tea rose fragrance lifted by hints of geranium, dewy stems and regal iris.

Paddy's Meadow Tin Candle

Paddys Medow Tin Styled

Growing up, Alix and her siblings spent their summers at a cottage in the Mourne Mountains. Surrounded by patchwork fields and lanes there was a beautiful old abandoned tumbledown cottage that had once belonged to Paddy. They spent many glorious summer afternoons exploring Paddy’s farm and the gorgeous meadow that lay adjacent to his house full of long grasses, butterflies and wildflowers.
Paddy's Meadow has a fresh, floral accord opening with notes of lush green cut stems, refreshed by accents of citrus cologne which glide onto a floral heart of lily, white jasmine, green violet and rose petals.  All resting on a base of woods and amber.

Rosie's Lane Tin Candle

Rosie's Lane Tin Styled

Rosie's Lane is inspired by Alix's mum and her cottage in the Mourne Mountains, which is surrounded by pretty lanes and meadows leading you down to the shores of the Irish Sea. It is a fresh scent with notes of lavender, jasmine and red berries.

We hope you enjoy sense of smell day and that this has you thinking of smells which ignite memories for you too.

Alix x

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