It's time to come up with our New Year Resolutions. Many of you resolve to look after yourselves better this year, to look after others better, to achieve new personal goals, to start up new businesses, and generally spread the love a bit. We love that - a lot can be changed, days can be brightened all with a nice word said! Let's all resolve to try to change one person's day for the better every day!

Well we promise to continue making your world smell lovely..

We have lots of new products almost ready to go and we cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Our new little Lip Balms are flying from our shelves.... without giving anything away, what we have bubbling away at the minute has been asked for by you all for quite a while now! ;)

We plan to look after you well this year.

Stay tuned as always here, on Twitter and Facebook.

Love for now,

Team Bog Standard xxxx