Candle Tunneling is when a candle burns down the centre, leaving a rim of hard wax around the outside. It will result in your candle not burning for as long as it should and you may even find you lose your wick eventually. It's frustrating and can happen to all candles regardless of the quality and cost.

The good news is that tunneling isn't inevitable and it's completely preventable. It's all about treating your candle the right way from day one.

Key to avoiding tunneling is to leave your candle lit for several hours the first time you light it. You need to ensure that the wax melts right across the top of the candle on the first burn. This creates a candle memory that ensures on subsequent lightings, the candle will continue to burn right across the whole surface right down to the base of the glass.

Throughout the life of the candle, it's best to avoid frequent short burns, instead ensuring that you have occasional long burns similar to the first one, to keep the wax open.

However, if your candle has already tunneled, what can you do? Well, there is a technique  that traps enough heat in the jar or tin to re-set the memory and melt the rim of hard wax. It involves wrapping aluminum foil around the top of the lit candle, leaving a small hole in the centre for the flame. The foil will reflect sufficient heat back down into the jar to melt the wax at the edges.

It's one to save for a good candle however as it is not without risk. Ideally keep the candle in your kitchen sink and don't leave it unattended. If you leave the foil on for too long on a glass candle, it may shatter. Additionally, the foil gets extremely hot and will burn the skin if it's touched. But if you have an expensive candle that you'd hate to lose, it's an option worth trying.

Moral of the story? If you buy a great candle, take the time to enjy it with every burn. Why not relax with the Bog Standard Large Field Candle and fill your home with the scent of warm summer days and quiet green fields. Take time to relax and enjoy fresh grass & notes of lily, enriched with herbal and musk notes.

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