I've been asking the team here in Field Day about their favourite fragrance from the Field Day range to share on the blog. This month, it's the turn of Marie, our office mum and teller of the best (mostly clean) jokes at coffee break.

favourite fragrance
What’s your favourite Field Day Fragrance?
Our newest one - Bramble

Tell us why you love Bramble so much?
I've worked at Field Day Ireland for over 11 years and in that time, I've experienced every single one of the all the fragrances we've sold...some are no longer available and others have endured that whole time. But when Bramble landed on my desk, I loved it straight away because it reminds me so much of the countryside in which I live myself. It makes me look forward to picking blackberries from the hedgerows around my home in the late summer.Favourite Fragrance

Which product do you use most in this fragrance?
For now, Bramble is only available to buy in a candle but I'm hoping it will one day come in a soap as I think it would be great to be able to wash your hands with this lovely fragrance.

Who would you recommend this fragrance to?
I think this one is suitable for all - men/women, old and young. It's such a pleasant smell that would be lovely in anyone's home.

What’s the best thing about working in Field Day Ireland?
The working conditions - our fragrant office is a joy to go into every day. There's a lovely friendliness among the team in Field Day too - everyone works together to get the job done. I am also appreciative of how understanding Alix is to all of us when family or personal issues need to be dealt with during work hours.

Thank you Marie. We will be back next month with another favourite fragrance blog. Meanwhile, you can find our Bramble candle on this link,