I've been asking the team here in Field Day about their favourite fragrance from the range and I plan to share them on the blog on a regular basis. Starting with Jen, our Office Manager who has been keeping Field Day stockists and customers happy for more than 8 years. Jen is also a photographer and many of the gorgeous landscape photos you see on our social media (like the one below) have been taken by her.Favourite Fragrance
What’s your favourite Field Day Fragrance?
My favourite fragrance is most definitely Field!

Favourite Fragrance
Tell us why you love it so much?
I have always loved the smell of freshly cut grass – probably stemming back from childhood memories of sunny summer holidays playing in the garden and long walks in the countryside. I love fresh, green scents, and my heart pounds when we are in the midst of developing a new fragrance line in this genre. Our ‘Field’ is a beautiful blend of grass with that floral hint you would catch on a warm summer’s day in the country…My 8 year old daughter seems to have inherited the same love for gorgeous outdoorsy smells that I love too.

Which product do you use most in this fragrance?
Of course I love all of them. My 10 year old son loves to use the soap in the shower these days (as a Mum of a boy who hates to wash, that is a win!!) Our candle in Field has a gorgeous fragrance throw whether it is lit or not. But the product I use most would be the Freshener in Field. It is so lovely to get into a beautifully fragrant car every day (and my car generally is not that clean!). I have found myself looking into passing cars and seeing more and more with a little Field Day freshener hanging from rear view mirrors! Not really surprising as we sell hundreds every week!

Who would you recommend this fragrance to?
If you’re like me and love fresh and grassy and green, then you will LOVE this. We have quite a male fan-base for this fragrance too!

What’s the best thing about working in Field Day Ireland?
I LOVE the countryside and we are right in the thick of it and off the beaten track. My desk sits by a window with the most beautiful view of green fields, floral hedgerows and a lake which is often home to a bevy of swans! Every season here brings such an array of different colours and scents in the air and I love each one. I am proud to work for Field Day as it truly authentic, sticks to its roots and we really do take inspiration from our surroundings when developing new products. We just need to open the door, step outside and breathe in….
Apart from that, I work with a really lovely team and we celebrate EVERYTHING with really stodgy cream buns!

Thank you Jen - and you can see the whole range of Field Fragrance on this link. Oh and if you need a photographer for an event or a wedding, you know who to ask and I'll be back next month with another favourite fragrance blog.Favourite Fragrance