Daffodil DayI'm telling my age here but I remember the very first Daffodil Day in Ireland 30 years ago. It was way before these kinds of themed days became the norm and I remember thinking it was such a brilliant idea - using one of the first flowers of spring as a symbol of hope and a new start for people on their cancer journey.

And this week, it's been lovely to see the daffodils appearing around Field Day Ireland's offices - it finally feels like the winter is over (despite best efforts to snow this week!). Check out the view we get from our offices - isn't it stunning?
Daffodil Day
Photo credit - our Jen Dickson

This year's Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Day runs on Friday 24th March and there's a ton of great activities running across the country. You can find out more on the Irish Cancer Society's Facebook Event Page on this link.