We are often asked about our Fresheners & Sachets - the perfect way to bring the scent of the Irish countryside into parts of your home where a candle just isn't practical. _DSC0053
Bog Standard Fresheners - £2.95 / Bog Standard Sachets - £3.50

Our Fresheners are decorated with wildflowers and are available in 6 of our beautiful fragrances; Linen, Rose, Clover, Orchard, Field and Winter.

Many people think our scented fresheners are only for using in cars but they work really well in wardrobes and in smaller rooms in your home. They're discreet but effective. In fact, if you read the packaging, you will find instructions on how to open the sachet to ensure that you gradually expose the freshener and the scent. On average, you should get about 6 weeks fragrance but some of our customers have told us their fresheners last for several months! Certainly if the freshener is kept out of direct sunlight and isn't allowed to dry out, it will throw scent for longer. If you're not smelling yours after a relatively short time, try spritzing it lightly with some water to 'wake it up' again!

Our Sachets come in the same range of fragrances as the Fresheners and just like Fresheners, they can be used in smaller rooms in your house or in your car. As the fragrance is wrapped in paper, sachets work really well around clothing and linens so are perfect for drawers and laundry cupboards.

Each sachet is wrapped in a plastic sleeve to preserve the scent so as with the Fresheners, you can partially expose the sachet initially to prolong the fragrance. Keeping the sachet out of direct sunlight will help it to last longer, as will keeping it from a direct heat source.

But outside of drawers, cars and small rooms, our sachets and fresheners can be used in a number of unique ways you might not have thought about....

  • Anyone else got a sports mad teenager with a smelly kit bag? Pop a freshener into one of the smaller, less used pockets of the bag to help keep odours at bay.
  • Shoe storage. If your family keeps shoes on a rack or in a large box or basket, you could place a sachet inside or near the box.
  • In your vacuum cleaner. Although we don't advise opening the sachets, we have customers who open theirs and pour the contents into a hoover bag which works like a diffuser every time you (or preferably someone else!) vacuums the house.
  • Under seats & mattresses! You can place a sachet under your sofa cushions, under kids' car seats or even under your mattresses to add a subtle scent without any clue where it's coming from!
  • Finally, although I've never tried this myself, apparently you can put some of the contents of your sachet into a small saucepan with water and bring the water to a simmer to release the scent around the room. Definitely going to give this a go!

And the best bit about fresheners and sachets is that they can't spill like a diffuser and they can be left alone, unlike a lit candle. However, like all our products, do keep them away from children and pets....they smell so good, it can be confusing!