Blow Candles out

Ever wondered how to blow candles out properly? Well the secret is to NOT blow them out if you want to ensure maximum burn time and optimum fragrance throw...

When you blow candles out, smoke happens. This is because the wick is still extremely hot and is reacting with the oxygen in the air. The smokey smell that comes from this tends to spoil the beautiful fragrance that you've had wafting in the room up to this point. Instead of blowing, you can snuff the candle out using a traditional candle snuff. This starves the flame of oxygen and ensures less smoking. Snuffs can be difficult to come across and tricky to use if the candle has burned low in the jar. Covering the candle jar with a heat proof plate to starve it of oxygen also works well when the candle is burned well down inside the jar.
Blow Candles Out
Another option for fragranced candles though is to quickly dip the flame into the liquid wax. You can use a knife or tweezers to do this - just make sure whatever you use is metal and you are careful not to burn your fingers while doing this or touch it after it's been close to the flame.

This will kill the flame instantly and prevent any smoke. It will also coat the wick in wax meaning that they candle will light faster the next time. Always remember to re-centre and trim the wick after every burn to prolong the life of your candle and prevent smoking.

As always, remember to burn your candles until the entire top of the candle is liquid wax and never ever burn your candle for more than 3 hours as it won't throw any more fragrance beyond this time. Top tip - extinguish it after 3 hours, allow the wax to solidify, trim the wick and light again.

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